M. Robert Grunwald

Award-winning playwright and author

About the Writer

M. Robert Grunwald has written poems about crackers, ads for hotel shampoo, and articles about the Marx Brothers, red pandas, and neutering your dog. For several years, he specialized in writing those synopses on the back of DVD cases that describe movies as "spectacular" or "profoundly moving" regardless of their actual quality, an endeavor that makes him particularly suited to write the bio on his own website. His award-winning one-act comedy, Cancelled, has been produced in venues across the US, as well as the UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada. He lives in his hometown of San Diego, California with his wife of 20+ years and a varying number of house tigers.

Works-in-progress include the one-act plays Gazelle Hath No Fury (the second play in an intended trilogy that begins with Cancelled) and Heat and Humility, and the full-length play Greetings from Fort Desperation.

Member, Dramatists Guild of America