M. Robert Grunwald

Award-winning playwright and author

They Tampered in My Domain

A few weeks ago, I discovered that my web hosting service had failed to protect my original domain. I liked that domain. It was my name, my professional one, anyway, and I'd had it for several years. Now it's no longer under my control. A quick check at reveals that it belongs to something called a "domain farm" in China. Research tells me that this sort of thing happens fairly frequently and that there's little one can do to rectify it unless one wants to enter into a nasty war for one's virtual property. But in an era when one's online identity is one's identity, this feels like a violation. But it also feels very 2020. In the scheme of this year, it's par for the course but hardly that important. So I've found new digs, a new web identity, and started from scratch. So welcome, thanks for following me, and remember to keep an eye on your web hosting service and their billing practices, lest you end up in a Chinese domain farm without a plow.

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